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I'm not sure I found this community, but stumbled upon the user page and the description seems to fit me to a tee now a days. I am orginally from the DC area and moved to the Ft Lauderdale/Miami area for a couple years. My husband and I recently moved ourselves to Raleigh where there is no Trader Joe's, Coke Zero recently came about, the local Saks has the smallest selection available, highways are 4 lanes. I know, I know, Raleigh is fast growing, but I'm still not used to small town it is now.
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hi hokiegirl, and welcome! i live in a little suburban hamlet outside richmond. richmond is a lot like raleigh without the progression. so, consider yourself lucky - trader joe's or no. i landed here from manhattan, with brief stop-overs in palm beach, florida and charleston, south carolina. lord only knows why i've stayed so long.

is your LJ nickname in any way related to your having gone to virginia tech?