steph over the rainbow (_manhattan) wrote in suburbanitis,
steph over the rainbow

Rich in Nature.

My husband & I recently left Palm Beach, a city full of beaches, beauty, and stores filled with everything needed to make a delicious meal. Now we are located 30 minutes west of Ocala, FL in a small town called Dunnellon. Last week I went out to buy fresh mozzarella for asparagus pizza... I went to both grocery stores in town and neither had fresh mozzarella. Don't even get me started on what they consider "fresh bagels"! I am starting to lose my mind. The mothers that live in this town are nothing like the women I hung out with before. The home we purchased is brand new and on an acre of land. The home is in the middle of beautiful trees, gorgeous grass, and the sound of chirping birds.... I can't deny these beautiful surrondings... but what I wouldn't give for a Starbucks drink and the New York Post....
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