Surly ShortBus (surlyride) wrote in suburbanitis,
Surly ShortBus

Um Hey

I see this community has been stagnant. Here is my attempt to revive. I'm new here.

An intro:

I'm 35, female. Born in, and still reside, in the bustling crime-hein metropolis that is Memphis, TN. My father had to travel frequently for work, and when it was possible, took us with him. Hence, I saw much of the world early on. Cities and city life agreed with me.

I graduated from college and spent two years in cubicle hell. Decided to haul myself to grad school. Spent those three years drunk and reading lots of literary theory and poetry. Am now a school librarian for the city district.

In the meantime, I moved to a cute little zero-lot house in the suburbs. It has a tree in its little yard. My friends in the gritter sections of town made fun of me for my choice, but in the same breath asked me for rides to work, because their cars had been stolen.

Oh, and I got engaged and will soon be married. Kids will be in the future.

I like the relative safety of my 'hood and the moderate quietness. The newness and lack of quirk, not so much.
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