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:: wow - i'm not alone! ::

hi - i just discovered your community. to quote my bio page:

i am left-handed, a published writer, a published photographer, a fledgling documentary filmmaker (fledgling = i made one 7-minute thingy - but it paid for disney world!), a (mostly) vegetarian, a well-intending yet not-so-stellar gardener, a designer, a reader, a film buff, a music lover. i am an architect. i am often lonely - even in a crowd. i like to think i am etherial, even when i am vain. you see, the problem is i keep doing and doing and doing and i CAN do things - but it is never enough and i think that's because achievement does not equal happiness. i know i am a dreamer. if it's possible to be such a thing, i think i am a marginally successful, creative, suburban bohemian (boho lite [tm]). i grew up in manhattan, and went to a snooty prep school in the shadows of the metropolitan museum of art and the gugenheim. i now live in a plastic house on a cul-de-sac in the suburbs of central virginia where i drive a station wagon and joined the PTA. i woke up one day not so very long ago and realized that i don't belong here. but i'm not sure where i belong. i grew up fast, and i found out a lot of things about myself that should never have been kept from me. i am a pisces .. a dragon .. an ENFP. i think too much .. i'm both deep and shallow .. at the same time wise and incredibly innocent & naive.

given the opportunity, i will talk endlessly and lovingly about my 7 year-old little boy. :)
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