Pamalamma (brn_eyd_grl) wrote in suburbanitis,

Hi, I'm new

Hi there. I just joined this community and I was wondering if will be up and running anytime soon, as I am really looking forward to it!

Some info on me:

My name is Pam, I'm 21 (will be 22 5/25), live in Southwest Florida, am married (for a little over a year now)to my wonderful husband Sean, and am in college for Respiratory Therapy (will graduate next June). When I graduate, my husband and I plan to move to Kennesaw, GA (suburb of Atlanta), buy a house, and start a family soon after. As for now, we have a dog (an almost 3 year old Pomeranian named Roxy) who is our child - we love her dearly. My interests include reading, music, movies, art, respiratory therapy, recipes and cooking, attempting to keep my condo clean, pomeranians, animal rights, golf (occasionally, because I feel obligated since my husband is a golf pro, but sometimes I think I hate golf!), health, love, romance, my husband, friends and family, having fun, going to the beach...and probably a whole lot more I can't think of right now!
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