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all grown up with no place to go
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Date:2008-01-26 01:00
Subject:Um Hey

I see this community has been stagnant. Here is my attempt to revive. I'm new here.

An intro:

I'm 35, female. Born in, and still reside, in the bustling crime-hein metropolis that is Memphis, TN. My father had to travel frequently for work, and when it was possible, took us with him. Hence, I saw much of the world early on. Cities and city life agreed with me.

I graduated from college and spent two years in cubicle hell. Decided to haul myself to grad school. Spent those three years drunk and reading lots of literary theory and poetry. Am now a school librarian for the city district.

In the meantime, I moved to a cute little zero-lot house in the suburbs. It has a tree in its little yard. My friends in the gritter sections of town made fun of me for my choice, but in the same breath asked me for rides to work, because their cars had been stolen.

Oh, and I got engaged and will soon be married. Kids will be in the future.

I like the relative safety of my 'hood and the moderate quietness. The newness and lack of quirk, not so much.

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Date:2006-06-30 21:26
Subject:new to the community

Has anyone 'A Knight in Shining Armor?" I have heard it is worth the time

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Date:2006-06-27 23:32
Subject:angela adams
Mood: exhausted

can i just say that the rugs from angela adams are absolutely stunning?!?! they are a billion times better than in photos and visually brilliant.

oh - and that store i mentioned that i was thinking of doing? well, it's open now and has a few angela adams rugs ... (is it wrong to swoon over items you carry in your own store?!)

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Date:2006-05-27 08:28
Subject::: suburbanites rejoice! ::

hello 'burbs. are you still feeling like you're in exile? i have just the thing to take your mind off the PTA meetings and the sea of minivans at costco: The Irreverent Homemaker Magazine.

contributors welcome. : )

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Date:2006-05-16 08:20
Subject:Rich in Nature.

My husband & I recently left Palm Beach, a city full of beaches, beauty, and stores filled with everything needed to make a delicious meal. Now we are located 30 minutes west of Ocala, FL in a small town called Dunnellon. Last week I went out to buy fresh mozzarella for asparagus pizza... I went to both grocery stores in town and neither had fresh mozzarella. Don't even get me started on what they consider "fresh bagels"! I am starting to lose my mind. The mothers that live in this town are nothing like the women I hung out with before. The home we purchased is brand new and on an acre of land. The home is in the middle of beautiful trees, gorgeous grass, and the sound of chirping birds.... I can't deny these beautiful surrondings... but what I wouldn't give for a Starbucks drink and the New York Post....

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Date:2006-04-24 11:19
Mood: content

here's a teaser page for my store.

would you shop there?

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Date:2006-02-11 08:18
Subject::: the secret lives of soccer moms ::

what perennially dieting, figure-conscious moms live for:

when your kid doesn't finish half the grilled cheese sandwich.

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Date:2006-02-11 09:16
Subject::: more from the secret lives of soccer moms ::

you know how, when dinner's done and your kid(s) want ice cream, and so you scoop it out in kid portion size but then the little faeries in the ice cream container start calling your name, enticing you, seducing you to eat ice cream, yourself .. and suddenly you can't fathom going on with your life unless you eat something sweet .. but if you do the ounce of ice cream will magically turn into 12 pounds of cellulite overnight .. unless, you think, you go bulimic and eat the ice cream, then jettison the entire meal? (if you're lactose intolerant .. insert THAT image here)

i have a solution.

half a glass of silk brand lite chocolate soy milk.

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Date:2006-02-09 22:19

I'm not sure I found this community, but stumbled upon the user page and the description seems to fit me to a tee now a days. I am orginally from the DC area and moved to the Ft Lauderdale/Miami area for a couple years. My husband and I recently moved ourselves to Raleigh where there is no Trader Joe's, Coke Zero recently came about, the local Saks has the smallest selection available, highways are 4 lanes. I know, I know, Raleigh is fast growing, but I'm still not used to small town it is now.

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Date:2005-09-27 11:41

Things I love about living in a university town #134:

Being able to ride to work, mostly on paved bike paths. In Chicago, where I used to live, I had to share the streets with rushed commuters and articulated buses, breathing in diesel fumes the whole time until I could escape to the bicycle trail along Lake Shore Drive.

This morning I rode to work breathing in the crisp fall air, passing under yellow trees just beginning to gently drop their leaves, and no one honked at me.

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Date:2005-08-09 16:04
Mood: happy

Hello Suburbanites!

I'm not exactly sure how I ended up here, but here I am. My husband and I are currently living on the far northwest side of Indianapolis. While we live in a city proper, it's nothing but a glorfied suburb complete with bi level faux bavarian finish houses, strip malls and a serious lack of sidewalks.

I live down the street from a Trader Joes which keeps me in 3 Buck Chuck and other gourmet yummness.

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Date:2005-05-03 08:38
Subject:Hi, I'm new

Hi there. I just joined this community and I was wondering if http://www.suburbanitis.com/ will be up and running anytime soon, as I am really looking forward to it!

Some info on me:

My name is Pam, I'm 21 (will be 22 5/25), live in Southwest Florida, am married (for a little over a year now)to my wonderful husband Sean, and am in college for Respiratory Therapy (will graduate next June). When I graduate, my husband and I plan to move to Kennesaw, GA (suburb of Atlanta), buy a house, and start a family soon after. As for now, we have a dog (an almost 3 year old Pomeranian named Roxy) who is our child - we love her dearly. My interests include reading, music, movies, art, respiratory therapy, recipes and cooking, attempting to keep my condo clean, pomeranians, animal rights, golf (occasionally, because I feel obligated since my husband is a golf pro, but sometimes I think I hate golf!), health, love, romance, my husband, friends and family, having fun, going to the beach...and probably a whole lot more I can't think of right now!

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Date:2005-04-14 15:39
Subject:The New Urban Suburbs

My parents have been in the same suburban house since before my birth, getting progressively fed up with the increasing sprawl, traffic, and general infection of mass culture. In the 80s, malls and big-box stores began to draw people away from small local businesses. In the early 90s, shiny new corporate campuses and strip malls grew out of old farmland. In the late 90s, a nearby forest was razed to provide an immaculately landscaped park (with ample parking for large vehicles). Now, the few pockets of unclaimed land left in the 'burbs of Portland are being replaced by townhouses and Lifestyle Centers with New Urbanist sensibilities.

What bugs me is that the New Urban suburb (in greater Portland, at least) is recreating the same problems of the classic suburb. The new townhouse community has affordable housing, small streets and sidewalks to encourage pedestrian traffic, usually located near a transit station. Since the area is near public transit, the city won't widen the roads. Never mind that the sidewalks don't actually extend all the way to the transit station, or that the townhouse community is surrounded by older single-family homes and large industrial complexes. The neighborhood is not generally close to the grocery store, school, library, park, restaurant, museum, or anything people might want to walk to. To get to a nearby place of interest, pedestrians may have to cross a 5-lane road with cars traveling at 45mph!

Does anyone here live in a New Urban suburb or neighborhood? If not, would you want to live in one? What elements make up your ideal neighborhood?

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Date:2005-04-12 10:54

X-posted from my own journal--this community hasn't been getting a lot of traffic lately, so I thought I'd post this as a description of spring in a university town in central Illinois...and one thing I love about being able to live here is planting my own bulbs.

Today is the perfect spring day I've been waiting for all winter long. The sky is silver, with a tinge of blue (cloud cover, not sky). The earth is suddenly a soft but convincing emerald green. Trees, last week entirely bare, are suddenly covered in tiny, light green leaves, and the flowering cherries have bloomed fleecy white. Spring flowers are out--cream and yellow daffodil, indigo iris, and tulips in all shades of crimson, yellow, pink, and white. The temperature is fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit, a gentle breeze is blowing, and an equally gentle rain is falling. The world seems clean, new, and green.

Last fall I'd planted bulbs where my azaleas had previously failed, and this time I was not disappointed--except that I'd been hoping that they'd come up all at once, instead of one at a time. First came the dwarf irises, which happily coincided with some snowdrops that I'd planted a couple years before that had been weak and straggling but this year came up in full force. Then came some beautiful little miniature yellow daffodils, which are still out, and just today some dwarf white tulips bloomed. Of course, the chrysanthemums are just starting to sprout.

Note for this coming fall: more irises, more miniature yellow daffodils, more snowdrops in the large gap that I either somehow missed planting or that got dug up by squirrels. I suspect the former, but wouldn't entirely exclude the latter possibility. Unfortunately, some of my red tulips got bitten off by other little suburban squatters--probably rabbits, who'd been chawing down on some of the tulip leaves previously, although that didn't seem to prevent them from flowering. Since then, I've seen them grazing, so I hope they've found new grass more appetizing than my flowers.

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Date:2005-04-04 12:18
Subject:my introduction

i just found this community and felt the need to throw my story into the mix... for the first 22 years of my life, i never lived more than 45 minutes away from boston. when i was a kid, i lived about 30 min away and would go to the city all the time for the museums and shops and whatever else we might be doing. while in college, i lived in the city which spoiled me the most. i loved having several good places to eat and drink as well as shops and convenience stores all within a city block radius of my residence. whatever i might need was always a short walk away or atleast a short T ride away.

and then, after my 22nd birthday, i ran up to cornell in the middle of central NY for grad school. it's been a difficult change and even after being here for 3 years, i still haven't gotten used to it. i lived right in ithaca (sort of an urbanish oasis in central NY) for the first 2.5 years but have recently gotten engaged and we bought a house 15 miles out of even ithaca. now i am 6.5 hrs away from my beloved boston. there isn't even a place to eat near my new house and i have to drive to get everywhere.... i have to buy all my cool stuff online due to the lack of stores and even getting married is difficult--there are no bridal shops anywhere near here--i have to go to syracuse for that! needless to say, i've been making many 6.5 hr drives back to boston. my fiance and i went into this house as a fairly temporary thing but i still worry that i will wake up here in 20 years and wonder where my late night urban life went... and will i ever get to eat ethiopean food again???

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Date:2005-03-24 22:51

i'm hoping to get some feedback from ya'll - so please be honest.

i currently live in nyc but will be moving to rochester,ny shortly. i am seriously considering opening up a store in the area. now, you may be thinking, "so what, a store, who cares, there are lots of stores in towns all over the place."

well - i plan on being like one of those boutique-y stores you find in larger cities like ny, chicago, la, sf, etc.

what do i plan on carrying? music [indie, techno, industrial, etc], books, magazines, kitschy/interesting toys, bags, handmade/silkscreened cards, some housewares, paper [wrapping, notebooks, etc], set of candles, set of lotion, interesting low-cost furniture [made in the states]...i think that's about it. no items from asian mega crazy places. i'm trying to carry items handmade, from the designers themselves, etc. there'll be some couches in the store, and plasma tv's playing videos.

here is my question -- if you are in a town that DOESN'T have a store like this... would you want one? would you go? would people where you live go?

rochester has about 8 colleges in the area, so there are many young people around. a few of the schools have graduate programs where the grad students are always complaining about their being "nothing interesting" in the area.

that's where i stand. comments welcome.

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Date:2005-03-10 20:05

I, unfortunately, have never actually lived IN a city. I am an urbanite at heart who has ALWAYS been stuck in the suburbs. Any time I've visited a city, the bigger it is, the more comfortable I am. I was walking around like I was at home and happy as a clam in NYC. There are other cities I'd still like to visit -- but it's sooo hard. I was closest when living in Tallahassee, Fl, which is by no means a big city, but because of the three colleges it has it's artistic side. A great independent video store, tons of cheap/free concerts of great independent music and also more popular groups... A nice little theater that showed independent films... I think if I say independent once more I'm going to just sounds snobbish but I really do miss it. The restaurants were not GREAT, but decent. My favorite was this place called the Pitaria which was right off of Florida State's campus. Of course there was the whole... crazy frat football vibe at times too. So then I got married and we moved to Utah for a few months while my husband finished up his undergraduate degree, and now we're in ALABAMA. Huntsville, AL. A nice place... but... boring. NOTHING interesting to go DO or SEE. We've struggled to even find a good CHINESE place, let alone Thai or anything else. There are really no concerts... there's a small local symphony. It's the home of Engineers and Scientists. And some smaller colleges which provide no punch of culture whatsoever.

Soon we'll be moving to Tuscaloosa for my husband to begin Graduate School -- I'm hoping and praying that it'll be easier to meet some young hip couples in that environment. And have someplace to GO. I actually met this girl at my work that I think will be a potential half of a cool couple to hang out with here. Her and her fiance are going to come over sometime so we can hang out. *crosses fingers*

Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi!

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Date:2005-02-25 17:33
Subject:10 Clues You Are a Hipster: list borrowed from brittagyrl

1. You graduated from a liberal arts school whose football team hasn't won a game since the Reagan administration.

2. You frequently use the term "post-modern" (or its commonly used variation "PoMo") as an adjective, noun, and verb.

3. You carry a shoulder-strap messenger bag and have at one time or another worn a pair of horn-rimmed or Elvis Costello-style glasses.

4. You have one Republican friend who you always describe as being your "one Republican friend."

5. Your hair looks best unwashed and you position your head on your pillow at night in a way that will really maximize your cowlicks.

6. You own records put out by Matador, DFA, Definitive Jux, Dischord, Warp, Thrill Jockey, Smells Like Records, and Drag City.

7. You bought your dishes and a checkered tablecloth at a thrift shop to be kitschy and often throw vegetarian dinner parties.

8. You frequently complain about gentrification even though you are responsible for it yourself.

9. You have refined tastes and consider yourself exceptionally cultured, but have one pop vice (ElimiDATE, American Idol and Entertainment Weekly are popular ones) that helps to define you as well-rounded.

10. You spend much of your leisure time in bars and/or resteraunts with monosyllabic names like Plant, Bound or Shine.

- from The Hipster Handbook by Robert Lanham

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Date:2004-10-11 15:43
Subject::: wow - i'm not alone! ::

hi - i just discovered your community. to quote my bio page:

i am left-handed, a published writer, a published photographer, a fledgling documentary filmmaker (fledgling = i made one 7-minute thingy - but it paid for disney world!), a (mostly) vegetarian, a well-intending yet not-so-stellar gardener, a designer, a reader, a film buff, a music lover. i am an architect. i am often lonely - even in a crowd. i like to think i am etherial, even when i am vain. you see, the problem is i keep doing and doing and doing and i CAN do things - but it is never enough and i think that's because achievement does not equal happiness. i know i am a dreamer. if it's possible to be such a thing, i think i am a marginally successful, creative, suburban bohemian (boho lite [tm]). i grew up in manhattan, and went to a snooty prep school in the shadows of the metropolitan museum of art and the gugenheim. i now live in a plastic house on a cul-de-sac in the suburbs of central virginia where i drive a station wagon and joined the PTA. i woke up one day not so very long ago and realized that i don't belong here. but i'm not sure where i belong. i grew up fast, and i found out a lot of things about myself that should never have been kept from me. i am a pisces .. a dragon .. an ENFP. i think too much .. i'm both deep and shallow .. at the same time wise and incredibly innocent & naive.

given the opportunity, i will talk endlessly and lovingly about my 7 year-old little boy. :)

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Date:2004-06-18 07:56
Subject:Rochester LJers with Kids Get Together.

Inspired by one of Banshees posts about how hard it is to make friends when you have kids, I am writing this post to find out who lives in the Rochester, NY area, has kids and would be interested in having some sort of bring your kids along barbeque thing in some centrally located park type place?

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