HJ (dark_zephyr) wrote in suburbanitis,

my introduction

i just found this community and felt the need to throw my story into the mix... for the first 22 years of my life, i never lived more than 45 minutes away from boston. when i was a kid, i lived about 30 min away and would go to the city all the time for the museums and shops and whatever else we might be doing. while in college, i lived in the city which spoiled me the most. i loved having several good places to eat and drink as well as shops and convenience stores all within a city block radius of my residence. whatever i might need was always a short walk away or atleast a short T ride away.

and then, after my 22nd birthday, i ran up to cornell in the middle of central NY for grad school. it's been a difficult change and even after being here for 3 years, i still haven't gotten used to it. i lived right in ithaca (sort of an urbanish oasis in central NY) for the first 2.5 years but have recently gotten engaged and we bought a house 15 miles out of even ithaca. now i am 6.5 hrs away from my beloved boston. there isn't even a place to eat near my new house and i have to drive to get everywhere.... i have to buy all my cool stuff online due to the lack of stores and even getting married is difficult--there are no bridal shops anywhere near here--i have to go to syracuse for that! needless to say, i've been making many 6.5 hr drives back to boston. my fiance and i went into this house as a fairly temporary thing but i still worry that i will wake up here in 20 years and wonder where my late night urban life went... and will i ever get to eat ethiopean food again???
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