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all grown up with no place to go

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ah, a community for those of us non-teenagers trapped in the vast expanse of suburbia!

- are you a transplanted urbanite who can't find decent korean food now?
- a marc jacobs girl in the land of abercrombie and fitch?
- tired of the bar scene but not ready to spend your life wondering what happened on your favorite soap while you were wandering the aisles of wal-mart?
- wish you had someone to go to yoga with?
- young, married, maybe with a kid or two, but not over the hill, you wish you had a hell of a swank cocktail party to go to?
- wish you had anyone to throw a swank cocktail party for?

i started this community because as a 31-year-old expat new yorker (now in the pastoral suburbs of rochester, ny), finding myself in a netherworld between goth 16-year-olds and housebound housewives had gotten a little...tedious.

there are plenty of communities for the suburban bar scene, the indie kids, the gothic craftgrrls...but what about those of us in our mid-to-late-twenties/early-mid-thirties who balance a hip home life with social gatherings? i can't be the only one who has subscriptions to both 'martha stewart living' and 'nylon', can i?

so introduce yourselves. perhaps we'll all find others near us that are suffering from the same suburban blahs....and if not, maybe we can share ideas on how to cope with the situation!

moderated by banshee